Yamaha S90XS

If you are a musician who requires an instrument that will offer great satisfaction in both creating and performing, take a look at the Yamaha S90XS 88-key Balanced Weighted Hammer Action Synthesizer. If you are knew in the field of music and do not know the main types of modern keyboard instruments, than this model is not for you (of course you can still buy it, but its high price and very well balanced features make it ideal for the professional musician).

Moreover, don’t assume that a synthesizer means that all the sounds you can produce are over-processed or that they apply to just a narrow list of genres. Actually, due to the high fidelity that is required from this type of instruments, their databank overflows with the most natural acoustic piano samples and with a keyboard sensitivity which is very similar to that of a grand piano.

The most relevant specifications of the Yamaha S90XS 88-key Balanced Weighted Hammer Action Synthesizer are very carefully balanced between classic and modern. It has a 88-keys on a balanced, hammer-effect, full-range, full-scale keyboard and a warm, concert grand piano sound that can make any classically trained pianist fall in the love with its feel and sound. Its 456 megabytes of instrument samples and all of the voices, performances, arpeggios, and virtual circuit modeling effects of the Yamaha MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizer can make a difference in the recording studio or whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

Its connectivity and remote functions guarantee that will not need a separate instrument, both the studio and the stage being dominated by the Yamaha S90XS. With high speed USB connectivity (used for both recording and playback), 192 megabytes of internal flash-drive memory, 1/4″ XLR combo jack A/D input (with front panel controls) for adding vocals (and guitars) and its Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) remote function, you have to be a really pretentious musician if you don’t find anything you like on this massive workstation.

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Even though all these technical details might seem overwhelming if you never owned a synthesizer before, it is enough to know that the singular common goal of any of the mentioned features is to offer you the freedom to sound however you want.

You will surely find that the Yamaha S90XS 88-key Balanced Weighted Hammer Action Synthesizer is a high-end instrument that can easily make the difference between a modest performance and the best experience that you can ever have on stage.

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