Korg SP250

The constant development in the field of manufacturing musical instruments has made it possible for anyone to find a specific instrument that can satisfy both their artistic and practical needs. If we are to consider piano players, it is a well known fact that you can’t just fit a grand piano in the back of your mini-van and head out on tours. This is why smaller, more practical instruments have been created and have become very popular with the everyday artist.

A highly regarded mid-ranged instrument that has received a lot of positive feedback is the Korg Sp250 Portable Piano. This model is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the feel (guaranteed by the high tech RH3 system) and warm sound of an acoustic piano within a lightweight instrument. The piano samples used for the SP250 are longer that what usually found in this instrument category, therefore ensuring a longer and more natural sustain that can make a difference during a performance.

The most important features of the Korg SP250 Portable Piano include its multilevel stereo sampling (which offers the instrument high quality sound reproduction) and the use of the RH3 graded hammer action system that provides a grand piano feel. The variety of sounds and voices that this model can reproduce is more than anyone can desire. Some of the most popular sounds include: 12 types of pianos, church and jazz organs, strings, vibraphones and a lot more. And if you though that is all you are mistaken! This digital piano also provides two highly used effects (chorus and reverb) that greatly enhance one’s performance by creating depth and space in the sound of the piano.

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Its connectivity options cover the most common requirements for active musicians and even beginners (the two headphone jacks making it possible for both student and teacher to listen more carefully). The stereo and MIDI outputs will let you amplify your instrument and use it in combination with synthesizers or other MIDI devices. The onboard metronome and key transpose function will also help you a great deal with both studying and performing.

With an elegant but durable body and features that seem to be part of a more expensive instrument, the Korg SP250 Portable Piano is indeed made for the road. It is both reliable and subtle and can be used for all music genres and is also a great first instrument due to its easy to use teaching functions.


Video – Korg SP250 in action:

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