Korg microPiano

In a musical context that seems to be centered more and more on live performances (fact mostly due to the increase of online piracy), regular performers have found out the hard way that space and size is indeed an issue when it comes to touring. Unless you are part of a famous band and have your own private bus or plane, you probably have had some pretty rough times when trying to fit all your instruments and gear in the back of a regular car or in the baggage compartment of a train.

If you have this type of problem and you’re a piano player, then your luck is about to change thanks to Korg’s new concept, the micro piano.  This model is designed to give you all the advantages of a regular piano while also being lightweight. With its elegant and catchy design that includes even an opening lid, you will surely be delighted by having a grand piano that fits in the trunk of your family car. Its natural touch mini-keyboard is designed to offer a comfortable feel while playing, while the sounds produced by this little marvel are those that can be found on either one of Korg’s digital pianos. You can find the Korg microPiano in three finishes (red, black or white), its elegance ensuring that will always be the center of attention when on stage.

With polyphony of 120 notes and 61 types of different voices, the Korg microPiano will never be an impediment for your musical expressivity. The 40 demo songs also can be fun to play along with at home and are also of great learning value for beginners or children. You will of course need proper amplification if playing outside the home (in venues or rehearsal studios) but for practicing purposes you can rely with no problem on the in-built speakers. The long battery life also ensures that you will be able to undertake a two hour gig without any problems.

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To sum up, the Korg microPiano is overall a good instrument. It sounds, feels and plays as expected but lacks certain connectivity options and is not quite easy to fit on a stand. Even if it can surely be used both as a home and as a stage instrument by some, it is unlikely that it will ever be taken seriously by the true professionals as it will never compare to a full scale instrument.

Don’t hesitate however to give this instrument a try especially if you are looking for a first instrument that you can use for both learning purposes and live performances.

Here’s a video of a guy showing the capabilities and sound of the Korg microPiano

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