Casio CDP-120

If you are looking for a smart investment in a digital piano that is both cost effective and has a great range of features and specifications, then the Casio CDP-120 might be the perfect choice for you. Users reviews speak for themselves, most piano players being convinced that this model is the best low-budget digital piano available on the market.

But don’t think that just because it is considered a budget instrument it is of poor quality. Of course it cannot compete with the professional Roland instruments, but it does balance performance, elegance and feeling quite beautifully.

The reason why the Casio CDP-120 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano is in such high regard (for an instrument that is currently estimated at about $200) is that it does not try to impress. It only offers straight forward, balanced specifications, with no so-called “state of the art” functions. The 88 weighted keys ensure that you will have the same feeling on the Casio CDP-120 as playing on a grand piano, while the overall tones are surprisingly well balanced for a digital piano which only provides 48-note polyphony.

Its high-speed USB connectivity will let you use this model as a recording instrument without the stressful search for special drivers or software (even though it is ideal to use it with a specialized DAW). Another perk of buying the Casio CDP-120 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano is that (in this already ridiculously small price tag) it included an AC adapter, a sustain pedal and a music rest, therefore making this digital piano a “get out of the box and play” instrument.

This model also has quite a nice variety of voices (mostly types of pianos and strings), while also providing all the features that you could even use in a live setting (such as tuning and transposing). The Casio CDP-120 does not disappoint when regarding effects, the chorus and reverb knobs working perfectly and offering your performance with more sustain and depth. This is really the ideal budget digital piano because it can be used in every stage of the musical process.

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The search for an affordable yet durable digital piano will surely come to a complete stop you first try the Casio CDP-120 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano. The quality-price ratio and the overall performance of this instrument is all that you need if you are a beginner, a piano teacher or even a small venue musician.

Video – Casio CDP-120 Demo

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