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If you’d like to find the best digital piano, then you came to the right place. First of all, I know that the concept of a “best product” is totally relative, depending on people’s preferences. Some are just looking for a digital piano that is very cheap. They just need to pay the least amount of money possible for it, and they are happy if it works.

Other people aim for a good balance between price and quality. They seek the best digital piano in a certain price range. By the way, that’s where we (Tom and Martha) stand, too. Last but most certainly not least, there are a few people that don’t like compromise and they won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best quality of sound, feel and durability. They do end up spending more than the average piano lover, but since they feel unhappy with lesser models, it’s the only way.

This is why there is no absolute best piano, and there are only top pianos in certain categories. We prepared a short 3 product list that features what we think is best for each type of piano enthusiast.

If you would like to look at what criteria we use to choose the best digital piano, please read the information we posted on the digital piano reviews homepage.

So, without further ado…

Best piano by price

Obviously, even though we looked for cheap pianos here, we did not discard the quality factor completely. I mean, if we did THAT, we would now be suggesting some Fisher Price toy that is shaped like a piano, right? Rest assured we searched for the best quality available.

It’s our opinion that the best affordable digital piano is the Yamaha NP30 Portable Grand Piano

You can find it at Amazon for as little as $269.99, and it delivers a lot more than it should for this price. Beware though, it’s not an 88 key digital piano: it features 76 graded touch keys. It’s got 10 voices which is pretty nice, and the 32 notes of polyphony makes it stand out. It operates on 6 AA batteries and it weights about 12 pounds, so it’s ultra portable.

A great buy for pianists who are not yet prepared to spend a lot of money for a digital piano.


Best digital piano by price & quality

Well, finding the winner in this category was tricky. There are a lot of products that show a lot of promise, and choosing was not easy. However, after researching thoroughly about two dozen different digital pianos, we came to the conclusion that is probably the best choice.

Although Yamaha, Roland and Casio dominate the market, there are plenty of Williams models that stand up to the challenge, and the Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano is our choice as the best piano by price/quality. Normally it costs about $900, and that’s a correct price, but on Amazon you can find it for much less.

$599 is a fantastic price for what this piano offers:

  • 88 note keys
  • a total of 15 main voices and 128 general MIDI voices
  • pedals: sustain and sostenuto
  • 64 note polyphony
  • 3 keyboard modes
  • 2 track recording
  • metronome
  • classic look, no bells and whistles; fits in any environment

Best quality digital piano

Here, we didn’t need to sweat too much. The best quality piano available today clearly is the Yamaha YDPV240. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you can’t find this kind of quality for less.

In stores it costs around $2300. However, with Amazon you get about 20% off, which is a pretty good deal, as you save about $500.

Take a look at the specs and tell us we’re wrong:

  • the keys on YDPV240 get as close to real piano keys as you can get; what’s more, you can adjust the key weight response to touch, so you can make it match your playing style;
  • AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Dynamic Stereo Sampling: use it to mimic a normal piano’s ability to respond with different sounds when you vary your playing strength from pianissimo to fortissimo;
  • very realistic sounds, with no less than 131 main voices and 361 XGlite voices
  • 64 note polyphony
  • you can add about 240 DSP effects to the voices
  • 4.6-inch LCD display and very intuitive key controls
  • the performance assistant technology feature helps you out if you are a beginner and make some mistakes while playing by adjusting the sound output
  • USB to device; USB to host
  • dual headphone jacks
  • 6 track recorder
  • 30 preset songs
  • the look is great, no unnecessary dials and buttons
  • comes with bench

There’s more, but we don’t want to bore you with details. Head over to Amazon and read the reviews if you want to know more about the Yamaha YDPV240.

Well, that’s about it for our search for the best digital piano. Of course, there are way more models out there that are worth seeing, and me and Martha will try to review most of them for you on this  website, but we see these three as the best ones. Thanks for visiting us and we hope you like our reviews!

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