Lujex Foldable – Digital Piano Review

Something a little different today, today’s Digital Piano Review will be about the Lujex Foldable, which still qualifies as a digital piano, but in essence is a foldable keyboard.

It’s definitely more of a toy than anything to be taken seriously, but let’s give it a fair view anyway.


The most notable feature it has is definitely the fact that it’s foldable, this makes it extremely portable and compact.
It features 61 keys, built in speakers and a headphone jack, comes with 128 tones, 100 rhythms and 40 demos, not bad for a device like this.

Takes 4x AA batteries if you want to play it on the go, it can use a power supply, but doesn’t come with it by default, comes with a usb cable instead.

Comes with midi capabilities so you can connect it to your computer for song editing.

It also features some really strange things such as using it as a batterybank for other devices.

It’s a fairly limited device however, as it only supports pressing 3 keys at the same time, so any chord that uses more is out of the question, the general sound quality is mediocre at best and the touchkeys can be a bit iffy at times.

Check it out on amazon, it’s definitely a cheap device and definitely one of the cheapest ones among similar products, you’re gonna get what you pay for though as it has it’s limitations.


Like I said in the beginning, it’s more or less a toy for kids, however it can still be used as a learning device and having such a low price makes it quite accessible for anyone who is interested in piano and is a decent entry point for the curious.
So if you’re looking for a cheap device to get started on or perhaps as a gift for someone, then I can absolutely suggest it.



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