Casio CTK-2550 – Digital Piano Review

Today’s digital piano review will be about the Casio CTK-2550, let’s jump right in.

A Beginners Tool

The Casio CTK-2550 is a solid beginners digital piano, it’s missing quite a lot of features you’re gonna want as you progress into a more advanced player, but it has all the basics down to be a solid beginners tool, so lets look into some of the features.


Right, so it comes with 61 keys, the keys are touch sensitive, but not weighted, which is definitely a bit of a letdown, but understandable for a piano in this pricerange.

Since it has just 61 keys, it’s a fairly compact device and that makes it great for portability, it also takes batteries, so you can play this on the go if you like.

By default it comes with 400 built in tones and 150 rhythms so it’s got a very a solid selection to begin with, however you can also connect it to you tablet, smartphone or computer so you can load up your own songs into it.

The most interesting feature it has is definitely the Dance Music Mode it comes with, the mode allows you to create songs with just a few button presses, you choose a style of music, then a press of a key adds a drumbeat, another adds the baseline and yet another adds melody and then you can also play different sound effects over it.

It’s really fun to just play around with and it allows you to create whole songs with just a few button presses.

Another feature it has is the step-up lesson system, which is just a wonderful little tool for learning.

Aside from all that, the sound it produces for such a budget device is quite astounding.

A good bang for your buck

The piano is sold in 2 versions, one is the standard pack where you get the piano and power supply and then there’s the premium pack which comes with the piano, power supply, piano stand and headphones.
It is available as the standard version, or the premium pack.

I find it refreshing that it’s sold this way, as you can save some cash if you already own a stand and headphones.

It’s really among the best digital pianos you can get in this price range, similar pianos in this range are the Casio RJ561 and LK190, and they’re similar devices, with the RJ561 being less of a portable device and the LK having Light up Keys, but if you’re just looking for a solid piano to play on, then look no further and save yourself some cash.

In conclusion

It’s a great little piano for new and old players alike, but it’s definitely geared towards beginners more, so if you’re looking to start up, or are just looking for a present for somebody who is, then this little piano is absolutely a good way to go, you won’t find better in this price range.



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