Lujex Foldable – Digital Piano Review

Something a little different today, today’s Digital Piano Review will be about the Lujex Foldable, which still qualifies as a digital piano, but in essence is a foldable keyboard.

It’s definitely more of a toy than anything to be taken seriously, but let’s give it a fair view anyway.


The most notable feature it has is definitely the fact that it’s foldable, this makes it extremely portable and compact.
It features 61 keys, built in speakers and a headphone jack, comes with 128 tones, 100 rhythms and 40 demos, not bad for a device like this.

Takes 4x AA batteries if you want to play it on the go, it can use a power supply, but doesn’t come with it by default, comes with a usb cable instead.

Comes with midi capabilities so you can connect it to your computer for song editing.

It also features some really strange things such as using it as a batterybank for other devices.

It’s a fairly limited device however, as it only supports pressing 3 keys at the same time, so any chord that uses more is out of the question, the general sound quality is mediocre at best and the touchkeys can be a bit iffy at times.

Check it out on amazon, it’s definitely a cheap device and definitely one of the cheapest ones among similar products, you’re gonna get what you pay for though as it has it’s limitations.


Like I said in the beginning, it’s more or less a toy for kids, however it can still be used as a learning device and having such a low price makes it quite accessible for anyone who is interested in piano and is a decent entry point for the curious.
So if you’re looking for a cheap device to get started on or perhaps as a gift for someone, then I can absolutely suggest it.



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Casio CTK-2550 – Digital Piano Review

Today’s digital piano review will be about the Casio CTK-2550, let’s jump right in.

A Beginners Tool

The Casio CTK-2550 is a solid beginners digital piano, it’s missing quite a lot of features you’re gonna want as you progress into a more advanced player, but it has all the basics down to be a solid beginners tool, so lets look into some of the features.


Right, so it comes with 61 keys, the keys are touch sensitive, but not weighted, which is definitely a bit of a letdown, but understandable for a piano in this pricerange.

Since it has just 61 keys, it’s a fairly compact device and that makes it great for portability, it also takes batteries, so you can play this on the go if you like.

By default it comes with 400 built in tones and 150 rhythms so it’s got a very a solid selection to begin with, however you can also connect it to you tablet, smartphone or computer so you can load up your own songs into it.

The most interesting feature it has is definitely the Dance Music Mode it comes with, the mode allows you to create songs with just a few button presses, you choose a style of music, then a press of a key adds a drumbeat, another adds the baseline and yet another adds melody and then you can also play different sound effects over it.

It’s really fun to just play around with and it allows you to create whole songs with just a few button presses.

Another feature it has is the step-up lesson system, which is just a wonderful little tool for learning.

Aside from all that, the sound it produces for such a budget device is quite astounding.

A good bang for your buck

The piano is sold in 2 versions, one is the standard pack where you get the piano and power supply and then there’s the premium pack which comes with the piano, power supply, piano stand and headphones.
It is available as the standard version, or the premium pack.

I find it refreshing that it’s sold this way, as you can save some cash if you already own a stand and headphones.

It’s really among the best digital pianos you can get in this price range, similar pianos in this range are the Casio RJ561 and LK190, and they’re similar devices, with the RJ561 being less of a portable device and the LK having Light up Keys, but if you’re just looking for a solid piano to play on, then look no further and save yourself some cash.

In conclusion

It’s a great little piano for new and old players alike, but it’s definitely geared towards beginners more, so if you’re looking to start up, or are just looking for a present for somebody who is, then this little piano is absolutely a good way to go, you won’t find better in this price range.



Disclaimer – All the links in this post are affiliate links, this means that if you click on them and buy the product, I get a small commission that helps me run this website, thank you!

Casio CDP-230R – Digital Piano Review

Today’s digital piano review will be about the Casio CDP-230R, who is it a good choice for and is it worth your money?

Let’s jump right into it.

A Feature Rich Piano

The Casio CDP-230R comes with all the standard features you might expect from a digital keyboard plus a bunch of neat features that anyone can appreciate, such as the Scaled Hammer-Action keyboard which simulates the weighted key experience of an actual piano and makes playing it a very genuine and fun experience.

Fun little tidbit, the model is called the 230 or 230R depending on where you look, but they’re the exact same thing, so you don’t need to look for a comparison between the two, I personally use the 230R here, since Casio uses this designation themselves on their site.

I won’t bore you with the specifications much, you can check out the full list of features at Casios page here CDP-230R.
It is essentially an upgrade over the CDP-130 Digital piano, but is it worth the extra cash?

A Great Piano for beginners

The piano has so many features that are great if you’re just starting out, with over 700 built in tones, 152 tunes, 200 rhythms and a recording function, it is ideal for writing and recording songs.

Most importantly, it comes with a learning function called the Step Up Lesson.

What it does is essentially break your song into several parts and has you practice them while providing support and gives you an evaluation score after practice.

It comes with 152 built in tunes to begin with, but you can actually load in your own songs to practice, which is a really great little feature.

It even comes with a voice fingering guide, so the keyboard will actually tell you what keys to push if you’re having trouble.

This function makes the CDP-230R very suitable for anyone just starting up. and is an excellent learning tool.

A Good choice for advanced players

While the piano is an excellent learning tool for beginners, it shouldn’t be overlooked by more advanced players, the piano comes with all standard features and is great for just playing.

However, if you really don’t need any of the extra features and want to save a few bucks, you might look into the CDP-130.

Is it worth the price?

If you’re buying off amazon you will get just the piano itself, so you will probably want to get a stand for it.

Update : The piano itself isn’t readily available in the states anymore, so you will probably have little luck tracking it down on, it is however still available on European markets at or

This is such a shame because the device is just wonderful, it’s still possible to get it second hand, though, so that’s probably your best bet if you’re in the states,

When comparing with other similar pianos, the CDP-230R is an easy winner,

Here’s what some the of competing pianos are:

The Casio PX-150, Casio CDP-130, the Yamaha P-35 and the P-45.

With the CDP-130 being only roughly a little cheaper, you have to ask yourself whether all these features are worth the extra?

When it comes to the PX-150 it’s much┬ámore geared towards an actual piano playing experience and more advanced players, so it’s got much less features and tech on it, but feels like a more genuine piano, so this would be the way to go if that’s what you’re looking for.

As for the Yamaha models, they’re roughly similar to the CDP-130, with some fairly minor technical differences, they do not offer the learning capabilities or the rich features of the 230R however.

In my opinion, they absolutely are, but if you really don’t want them, then save yourself the few bucks and get a CDP-130.


So what is my verdict? The CDP-230R is a powerhouse of a piano that’ll fit anyone’s need at a good price, so if you’re looking for a great piano to learn with or just to play, look no further.

I use it myself personally and it’s unlikely I will ever replace it.

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